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It only takes 3 minutes for a person to fall in love but when a break up is caused then the couple is not able to bear the pain. Two people in love will do anything to make their relationship work but when they have to break up then it can cause so many problems between them. First of all, their belief over love will vanish away and they will stop believing in love. It takes a lot of effort in keeping the relationship going and working. Small fidgets and fights will keep the couple entertained a bit if these fights become big then it means that there is a problem in the transit of planets or the position of planets.

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    What Are The Problems That Cause Breakups Between Couples?

    When two people fall in love then initially there are no problems. They start when there is time spent between them. There should be a mutual understanding between the couples and one should always give time and space to the other and vice versa. When everything goes good then there is no problem but as soon as the planets change their position and transits, the effects are shown between the couples. The fights or breakups can be because of many reasons like lack of time spent with your lover, not giving them enough space, not having a proper understanding, fighting over money, being too possessive, cheating, lying, lack of intimacy, physical abuse, blaming each other over petty issues and much more reasons are there. If the fights are not stopped then the relationship of the couple will break.

    The Effective Remedies That Can Bring Back Your Ex-Love, By Master Shiva Raj

    Astrology is the most important part of life and people trust Master Shiva Raj a lot when it comes to relationship advice. Vedic astrology has so many solutions for all types of relationship problems which can be found with the best astrologer in Ireland, Master Shiva Raj. Here are a few remedies that are given by the top astrologer, if you are not finding any relief from these then you can visit Master Shiva Raj.

    • Wearing green glass bangles in the Shravan month is very auspicious for the girls.
    • Performing puja and homams in the name of planet Venus, the planet of love
    • Offering a red shawl in the temple to Goddess Durga
    • Fasting on Mondays by girls
    • Love horoscope reading by Master Shiva Raj as well as love astrology and compatibility.

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    Breakups are always painful and getting defeated by your own love is drastic. Some people are not able to overcome the pain of a breakup and can go into depression. There can be chances that someone has cast a spell of black magic on you and your partner. Worry not as Master Shiva Raj is the best black magic removal astrologer and a Vashikaran specialist. He will make sure that you do not face any kind of relationship problems. Meet him in person, fix an appointment by calling on the number given on the website.